1. What a game! Do you think that Walcott and Osvaldo have found a flaw
    in Pantilimon’s game or were their shots unstoppable? 

  2. Cannot wait for this game…

    Premier League Preview: Manchester City vs Arsenal | #BTSport

  3. It’s rather strange that Sky paid over three billion pounds for the main
    EPL rights and yet BT seem to have the better live games. Sky broadcast
    Hull vs Manchester Utd yesterday ( which in most cases would have been a
    routine away win) and yet BT screen three of the top 4 on the same day.
    They are blowing Sky out of the water at the moment. I guess that we in the
    West have things pretty easy if all we have to worry about is which game is
    being broadcast and by what provider!

  4. When you can buy anyone in the world and buy the legure if man city win the
    legure football and england will lost out so the f/a and prem have to stop

  5. you forgot to mention that Arsenal are the best defensive team overall, 11
    goals conceded and Everton and Southampton are the closest to them with 14

  6. Arsenal all the way doesn’t matter if they lost one game they are still the
    best football team in the league.

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