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Fans wants Arsene Wenger to be Sacked

Some of the Arsenal fans have started getting impatient with Arsene Wenger now and they want him to be sacked.

The fans have their reasons to be frustrated. The way Arsenal has played the last two games, it was pathetic.

To throw the lead away and that too in two games successively is just not acceptable at such a high level.

But, the higher authorities at Arsenal are calm. There is no pressure on Wenger. There is no danger of his job being taken away from him.

At which other club do you see a manager having such a job security?

It’s not that all the fans of Arsenal have been getting against Wenger. No, that is not happening. The Frenchman still have got the support.

A section of the fans still relishes those league and Cup titles that the Gunners had won in the starting years of Wenger’s tenure.

But, another section finds it hard to forget the recent seasons in which the club has remained empty handed. Yes, completely empty handed, if the FA Cup trophy of 2013-14 is barred.

That FA Cup victory, in fact, raised new hopes. The Arsenal board quickly announced the contract extension for the veteran manager. It was hyped as if that dominant Wenger era is returning, but, those who have seen the Gunners play of late would know that they are far from being a top class football team at the moment.

There have been reports that Arsenal is keeping an eye on the young, emerging managerial potentials, but, it doesn’t mean they are planning to get rid of Wenger. No. They are just getting prepared for the time when Wenger walks away voluntarily. Till then, he wins or he loses, he would stay on.