1. Happy 40th birthday Ryan Giggs! Still one of the top dogs at +Manchester
    United! We remember this goal very well! #TopMan 

  2. Giggs magic
    “As good a goal as you can wish to see”
    April 14, 1999

    FA Cup Semi Final vs Arsenal

  3. Well done Ryan – your management of the team v Norwich today was excellent
    – Utd played like Utd of old 

  4. One of the best players in history goodbye to the “Welsh Wizard” a great in
    football history

  5. I had never noticed that terrible pass by Vieira to set it all up before!
    That really is appalling!

  6. Vieira… ooohhhhh
    Vierira….. ooooohhh
    He gave Giggsy the ball…
    Arsenal won fucking all!

  7. “our supporter’s will be talking about that for years” we still are fergie,
    we still are :)

  8. Best goal ever.Seriously,i was once glad that i have a legend to tell next
    generations.I was gonna say ‘There was a man called Giggs in Manu’ but i
    guess they’ll see him playing anyway.So i won’t be able to tell anything…

  9. FA Cup Final tomorrow between Chelsea and Liverpool in what should be a
    very passionate affair…we take you back to 1999 though for a goal that is
    one of the best of the FA Cup…Ryan Giggs versus Arsenal…class!

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