1. Hey man I don’t understand why I get sacked at every club I go to? I
    started as Chelsea and got sacked by November and made custom tactics and
    everything… HELP PLEASE

  2. Edinho i think is pele’s son…who is in jail for 33 years for drug

  3. Search Hachim Mastour, he may have been added after the 1st season, he’s 16

  4. I think for bigger clubs like Arsenal, it’s essential to grow players
    through your own youth system and coaches to adapt to your style of play.
    As they progress and become players that need that 1st team football to
    really make a jump in class, then you loan them out. A player needs to be
    good enough to start in a higher tier of football to develop rather than
    sending a 16 year old to 5th or 6th division side where they’ll tear up the

  5. I send young players on loan but for a first team regular role, better
    talents get like 30games in Ligue1 for like an average team.

  6. to help with your search for staff I’d suggest googling “Coaching Star
    Calculator” will help you get a better handle on who is the best etc. Quite
    a lot of elements involved in how the star rating is formed so it’s good to
    at least do a bit of reading on it or just use a downloadable excel
    calculator to assist you. Quite time consuming but ensures you are signing
    good staff. 

  7. Hey footy manager just wondering will you being your powers path to glory
    series back?

  8. When you sing a new coach or scouter, look at determination, is verry

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