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  2. Aston Villa1 v Wolverhampton1
    Wigan3 v QPR3
    Blackburn1 v Everton2
    Chelsea2 v Norwich3
    Swansea2 v Sunderland0
    Liverpool1 v Bolton0
    Newcastle2 v Fulham2
    Tottenham2 v Man City1:)
    West Brom1 v Stoke1
    Man Utd9 v Arsenal3 >:D

  3. @MyBrettyboy yessssssssss yesssssss. true sorry about the first one i know its you opinion. and lets be honest every1 hates trolls :)))

  4. @JoshNHarv it will 🙂 it was nice to see them score their first goal. I am a chelsea fan by the way 🙂

  5. to be honest  we dident have song, gervinho, jack wilshere, frimpong, squillaci, gibbs out of them lot i think if gervinho and wilshere where to play it wouldnt have been 8-2 it wouldve been more even but whats happened has happened man utd played fantastic football i respect them alot, i just hate the fans man i mean frickin hell 8-2 why rub it in even more? thats just sad, more lower than tottenham lol.

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