1. @poontagtroll Ooh, a second rate attempt at trolling me? Im so scared, well…not really. Ive seen better, oh, qnd ill never fuck off, dont you worry :).

  2. @KillerNWA killer nig wit attitude – and you speak properly? – get the fuck out of here you loser! ya no wer Iz cummin from bro? fuck right off

  3. Hello, i need some noise for nike football The Chance.

    Typ in search v.v. Sneek Wit Zwart and under the team logo click on Like, please like also the pictures.


  4. i would love to see nike academy vs sao pualo academy or santos
    they would get smoked these english youngsters are bogus

  5. @sawixxx Nope I pretty much hate kikes as well as arsehole whinger and you really, fuck tottingham, Man U, Liverpool and the rest really. Wenger should have been drowned when he was a whinging pup… in arsene your fucked!

  6. @poontagtroll u seem like a YIDS fan
    fuck you we dont need ur opinion. in arsene we trust . COYG

  7. i wish we fucken had Nike academy’s, premier league junior football clubs here in Australia, we don’t have shit here

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