1. This is best moment in Arsenal’s history. You could not predict this even beats unbeaten season.

  2. @Jonay1210 he is like 33 idiot…, we hes an arsenal player?
    well not like we didnt beat you 5-3 so its cool

  3. @Jonay1210 what a fuking a idiot thierry is still a good player and also a legend what do u expect the guy only just come back from a holiday and not anyone can score against leeds u really dont know football do u? probably just a little kid go to bed (coming from mufc fan) u gotta love thierry legend. and torres is will be back hes playing good

  4. Jonay u confirmed u are a fucking twat I hated Henry but this is a wonderfull moment who cares who is playing this is nostalgia at its best

  5. @Jonay1210 He was on holiday in Mexico literally a week before he came to Arsenal, he was enjoying his time as a holiday, most likely eating excessively and drinking. What do you expect? He’s not a fucking robot. You fucking hater, why are you even watching the legend?

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