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It is Reported that Arsenal Gripped for their Predecided Asking Price for Guendouzi

This incident regarding Price of Matteo took place after Saint- German from Paris shown interest in the Frenchman.

A price of 7 million was set as a bargained price for the signed teenager who hails from FC Lorient in the window for the summer transfer. The teenager caught the eye of PSG, French giants in the match won against Manchester Giants. It was a kind of cruel defeat of 2-0. An extreme price tag on teenager’s head was the response of the gunners to the interest of Ligu Champions. He enjoyed a stunning debut in the Premier League. In spite of so many expectations tied up to him, he was not visible in Arsenal.

And as expected he, Guendouzi is one of the recognized major names for revamped Gunners squad -Unnai Emery’s. The squad is all set for the campaign of Europa league and Top flight English. Petr Cech is the new replacement in Arsenal team. Alexis Sanchez is revealed the piece of trouble for the members of Arsenal squad after the cruel PSG defeat.

A leading newspaper reported a grand price tag of 60 million. This is quite a few times what Guendouzi has been paid by Arsenal till some months ago. Presently Guendouzi has appeared 33 times for Europa league in the club of Emirates. He bagged just one win against Qrabag with 3-0 in Europa league. Which is what so much expected from Guendouzi.

It will be interesting to see how the team spans out in the rest of the premier league and other competitions and depending on the current forms of the layers, there is still quite some hope. But the necessity fact will always be to ensure that on the match day, the odds turn out to be true in favor of them.