1. @bardhi09 i get what you mean. players like busquets piss me off. and i think arsenal should sign SES. im sure wenger can work his magic on him and make him world class. also milans owner said “my dream is to sign rvp”. really? tell him to gtfo ASAP. he’s arsenals.

  2. @MrGoonerboi I didnt see Ibra dive TBH he was just too slow and didnt give a fuck and Song was mistiming his tackles
    I cant be mad @ SES its his 1st UCL Game so yeah(but others sure didnt help him release the pressure)
    Nowadays Football Player in General Disgust me TBH
    What happened to the days of R9,Sheva,Pippo,Henry,Zidane,Rui Costa,Bergkamp,Del Piero,Totti,Maldini,Stam,Gattuso,Makelele etc. All these guys had balls and played their hearts out.Nowadays players fuck them

  3. @bardhi09 hahahah i remember deportivo, and liverpool. ud’e think a team so used to flopping in 2nd parts of matches would learn. guess not. and yeah walcott pisses me off because he is probably the fastest player in europe but 1/5 games he impresses me. also SES missed a few too many chances. but hes a beast on fifa lol. and what is it with italians/teams and diving. ibra is 6″5 and he was falling like bird shit. not impressed.

  4. @MrGoonerboi Didnt impress me TBH
    Walcott kicked some ass though that motherfucker nearly gave me Heart-Attacks
    El Shaarawy wasnt great but its understandable its his first performance but atleast he gave a shit and was trying really reminded me of Kaka and it was stupid to sub him off
    Also if we were at 100% Form Im pretty sure this game would have been very close like a 1-1 or 2-2 but this is Milan LOL Im used to it remember Deoprtivo 2004 Holy FUCK O_O!

  5. @bardhi09 i wish arsenal had this form in the first leg. oh yeah, what did i tell u about chamberlain. what a player. he played the central role for the first time and it was in a big game. and looked like a boss. yeah milan were shit, but to be fair we were playing 4 wingers/strikers so you should have just parked up and let thiago silva (who was disappointing) clean things up.

  6. @MrGoonerboi 2nd part TBH While Van Persie was actually impressive He really fucked up.in that chance(as did Nocerino later on FUCK HIM).
    Abbiati saved us this match.If he didnt save that Van Persie shot it would of been different.
    Fuck we Need a New Midfield,A leftback(Fuck Mesbah he should play cricket or something not Football) and a fucking striker with BALLS ASAP
    Oh well I cant say I expected anything this season we will lose the QF’s we still need to improve alot

  7. @MrGoonerboi Im not gonna enjoy the quarter-finals that’s for sure.Im pretty sure with our luck we will draw Real Madrid xD
    We were horrible tonight.Tonight to me Milan seemed like a bunch of kids not giving a fuck.
    FUCK what has happened to Milan these new players are too spoiled and have no BALLS.Like for example Sheva did.And Fuck Allegri for not parking the Bus.
    Props to your team for fighting back though I hope we learn a lesson out of this(bet we probably wont *facepalm*)

  8. @bardhi09 ahhh, 3-0 second leg. you got lucky that the most inform striker in the world (rvp) missed! shows how weak milan can be. enjoy the quarter finals.

  9. arsenal have to score 5 goals or else they are outut the question is can they do it?

  10. @ahmad3652 are u really that stupid? ffs how stupid are u. at no point did i say swansea are on barca’s level. i said they play a similar type of football. learn to read or don’t comment please.

  11. @thePatoShow7 Dont worry well come back next time [;

    We just got a bad year knocked out of FA Cup 2-0 sunderland well win it next time ;3

  12. Arsenal is was will be forever shit,how many years they dont have a single trophy? Overated club in an overated league ;D

  13. @wwefan2ful..we might not survive next round but i hope you didnt forget the last time milan faced arsenal in the CL in 2008, arsenal handled milan like children and now were are even, but i dont worry much because in the next Champions league were are going to buy better players from the cash that they gave us for nasri and fabregas and one more thing, beware of messi and iniesta

  14. Arsenal will win next game, but 4:0 means goodbye to the Champions League.

  15. @em1b20vtec89 hey just like we raped arsenal 4-0 we raped barca 4-0 and raped madrid 5-0 🙂 oh a gunn i mean gunned fan hey don’t worry just fight u might still survive in the epl try not to get regulated

  16. THe Whole Europe should be afraid if the old A.C.Milan is back… and they are close to that! Forza Milan… Arsenal you guys are nothing!

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