1. when I have children, i’m going to tell them that one day i saw the best player in all football history, that player was NOT messi, NOT ronaldo, NOT pele, NOT maradona, THAT PLAYER WAS; THIERRY HENRY.

  2. arsenal is best, we piss on the rest, and really make mess, three hundred dollar suit, and one shiny boot, then we all go kapoot

  3. damn henry, he had a clear heading chance, instead he chose to run the whole madrid defense to score.

  4. barca fucked arsenal then henry left to barca … again barca raped arsenal then fabregas escaped to barca …!!

    take 4 stupid henry …. go to milan now loooooool

  5. I was 4 when they won and went mad when Henry scored I said this hamburger cheese burger lettuce tomato hamburger cheese burger lettuce tomato hamburger cheese burger lettuce tomato eh where’s the ketchup

  6. That was a great night, still gets the adrenalin goin to this day! Wish we had that winning mentality now

  7. @ps3hard nonono, Henry was already the most promising french talent when he left Monaco for Juventus (already had Wenger teaching him). Gervinho is nobody compared to the young Henry. French league was so much better then (90s). Now it is true that he became world class in Arsenal, but that was a matter of time.

  8. @xavibird123 all Barca fans all glorys not most. real football fans in Barcelona support Espanyol

  9. Thierry Henry is one of those soccer legends that history has not appreciated well as much as they did for Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo and Zidane. His victories were worth to be remembered for.

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