1. @grandisimo12HDextra how can u put a uefa video isnt this copy rights? when i do it i get banned =)!

  2. @MaxEssex17 no wa he just started premier leqague he had a slow start but then heplayed good the only main thing for him is to shoot instead of overpassing

  3. notice how the spin of song’s cross whirls it into the goal although weidenfeller almost catches it and it hits the post :O

  4. This BVB home kit is different..they only use this kit in europe tournament right?, nice kit better than the other one 😉

  5. @orandytv99 That’s rediculous. He doesn’t get noticed because sometimes he’s sloppy and loses the ball. And defensive midfielders will never get the credit that offensive midfielders get. Ffs, Henry was black and he sure got noticed.

  6. what a great captain without hesitation he pointed the goal right back to Song for his work. Gunners for Life!

  7. That dribble down the line by Alex Song, fucking amazing. One of the best goals I’ve ever seen.

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