1. The Good times are set to return Again for ARSENAL. Starting from when
    Arsenal Smash Hull City this month to lift the FA cup Again !! 

  2. Must be gutting coming here as a spurs fan just to throw a bit of abuse
    lol. #Shadows

  3. I like the lady in a yellow away jersey’s celebration at 1 min 39 seconds,
    great feeling…

  4. How I would give anything to see Arsenal playing like this again what a
    team Ian Wright, Bergkamp, Overmars Arsenal Legends !!!

  5. I love that line “you better believe it we’ve done it again” kinda sums up
    the hatters attitude towards us and how we always overcome adversity.

  6. man, the lady at the end who sang “come on you gooners” has such a sexy
    voice love you arsenal

  7. WE WANT OUR OLD ARSENAL BACK. Like players:Henry,Pires,Vieira,LEHMANN.

  8. Oh Spudsssssssss. Been in our shadow for 100 plus years and counting. “Mind
    the gap”

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