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Wengar Praises Manchester City

Arsene Wenger has come out in praise of Manchester city and says that Pellegrini’s men had the legs to stay in the title race, which he also termed as a marathon. Arsenal will be very disappointed not to win this title, as they looked so promising during the months of December and January. However, the club suffered disappointing defeats during the months of February and March, which ultimately resulted them in having to settle for a place in the top four. Still, it is not all negative for Arsenal since they will be looking forward to playing in the FA Cup final in a fortnight.

Ahead of the club’s final match of the league campaign with Norwich, Wenger said that City certainly deserve to win the title after having stayed around the leaders for most of the season. They have also been the most entertaining team by scoring 100 goals so far. They are on course to beating the record set by Chelsea back in the 2009-10 season for the most number of goals. Carlo Ancelotti’s men scored 103 back then. Wenger has also pointed to the fact that Arsenal have only scored just over 60 goals during this period and he has identified this aspect as an area for improvement.

“It would need really a miracle now for them not to win it. Congratulations to them. They won a marathon and they turned up in the last 100 yards. But they turned up when it mattered. Liverpool had an outstanding second part of the season and are maybe the most unlucky team of the season because they were nearly there as well. To be completely honest as well, a team like City scored 100 goals, so you have to say that their offensive potential has been absolutely brutal and fantastic,” said Wenger.