1. Arsenal are shit. These are bits of video when times have been good for them in the last 10 years

  2. Check out my 2011/12 video. /watch?v=GNnI_1OfTV4
    Also, 2-1 today against Liverpool. It wouldn’t have been achieved without or Vantastic man.

  3. @Ibrathenoobieone I’m glad you liked it 🙂 It’s Gary Schyman – Praan

  4. Name of the song please !! and great video loved it much thanks for the upload 😀

  5. @Zork1915 That sucks cause he is a good quality player that will be good to have now. hiim and Denilson I want to see them play again

  6. Your time will come? Well your chances of a trophy are gone for another season. What’s happened to the great Arsene Wenger? I used to think he was a genius but recently he looks like he’s not with it anymore.

  7. @GalaxyCatchupTV How sad are you specifically going on Arsenal videos to take the piss out of the team. Is your life actually that lame and boring, living in your mums spare room aged 34? How about you grow a pair and stop trolling, stupid bellend, and Im sure you support Man United, fucking being part of the flock of sheep.

  8. The Gunners are more than a team, their a family. They have lost and won beside each other, and together, if they all have good morale, they can even beat Barcelona .

  9. @M60Master58 Arsenal aint gonna do shit in the Champions League, everybody knows this. Where are you gunners in the table then? Oh, wait.. My bad, bout 6th last time i checked hahahaha!!!! Losers. You will be a mid-table team next year too so enjoy being in the CL while you can!

  10. @GalaxyCatchupTV We’ve beaten United before. How’s the Champions League going for Manchester? Wait. My bad.

  11. @GalaxyCatchupTV  chelsea are a big team and we beat them away. so yeah gp fuck your cunt

  12. @HeartlessOfSwe Fuck off u patronizing little batstard. U Arsenal fucks have no passion, that’s why u can never win when it matters and u never will.

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