1. Arsenal can win and Newcastle has no chance of getting into top 4 a.k.a champions league and what team do you like?

  2. @47taif Lol are you blind or something you stupid gooner go lick wengers ass or something, I said I dont support Arsenal or Newcastle you stupid prick. I dont give a shit who parked the bus all I know is that you cant win shit.

  3. @pk0unsw20 what like the 2-1, where your dirty team came and parked the bus and get outplayed with only 30% possession!!
    Newcastle thinking they can get into the Champions League is like a muslim women trying to get freedom, it starts well but the big one(s) always beats them!
    Suck on my jewels 🙂

  4. @47taif I dont even support Newcastle or Arsenal but your acting like a typical pussy gooner fan lol just stfu

  5. @47taif thats what we like to see, a bitter little gooner moaning and crying this isnt a video for you…..piss off and wank off to some of your own wins..

  6. @EpicFailMale Bear in mind we had a goal disallowed for offside when Best was perfectly onside. The first penalty WAS a penalty, but I agree the second one was very, very soft. Whichever way you look at it though, Arsenal got a man sent off and within 20 minutes or so of the final whistle we showed so much character. We weren’t gifted the draw, we deserved it, even with a couple of contentious decisions going in our favour.

  7. Referee was shocking, to give that second penalty and to penalise rosicky for the free kick!! He’s shit, we never win when phil dowd referees arsenal!!!
    Newcastle is a cunt club with a cunt owner!!

  8. Should have been 5-4 and should have been 6-4 if Nolan put one in near the end!
    Best game I’ve ever seen!

  9. I’m a Leeds fan. Newcastle got a draw from nothing. Both penaltys was soft as shite, and also the freekicks to set ip the goals.

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