1. hope arsenal lose so the pressure piles on wenger, its the only cure for his stubborness to buy players and get rid of these losers in the team

  2. Sunderland 2-1 Arsenal! The reason I think our lads will win is because Arsenal beat us last week when we had played in mid week and were getting tired towards the end. Naturally as a Sunderland fan, I hope the roles are reversed this time. HA WAY THE LADS!

  3. Arsenal 3-1 Sunderland. Van Persie 2 goals, Oxlade-Chamberlain 1 goal. McClean scores for Sunderland. Go Gunners!

  4. @TheFootballDaily Arsenal want to come back strong and they need to get the FA cup i say 2-1 arsenal

  5. @TobiTheGoodBoy Let’s just hope that that beating spurs them on to do better. They’ve got to make up for it somehow.

  6. @TheFootballDaily Based on Arsenal’s performance against AC Milan, I think Sunderland actually has chance to defeat Arsenal, but I would certainly like to be proved wrong as I’m longtime Arsenal fan.

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