1. I hate guys that think barca is the bast and arsenal are looser even though they dont know abything about football and one day if arsenal will be the best team i will look to this barca fans)

  2. We were better than barca! We were! Rvp should have never got a yellow, stupid ref! We are awesome it doesn’t matter who we have,if wenger wants young profitable players then I believe, as long as we have wenger then I’m happy, fuck trophies, I love arsenal football!

  3. Has somebody noticed Arsenal is losing all the players that gave us happiness in this video? 🙁 Come on gunners 🙂 KEEP CALM AND LOVE ARSENAL!

  4. @GoonerJuan Thank God!!! You are the only one who is doing those players. They are so good and they dont get notice. Anyway im gonna subscribe to you. keep on making kickass videos

  5. We are lost and it hurts so fucking much ! 🙁 seven seasons! I hate you Wenger…

  6. Gr8 Vid love it, btw where do you get your clips from there gr8 quality??? 🙂

  7. 0:55 – I still hate Lucas for that dive. Poor Eboue did nothing wrong :'(

    Brilliant video with the perfect message – Arsenal won’t give up easily! We can still get silverware this season! COYG

  8. @Average2Teenagers Yup! I often do with Juan’s videos. They all make me so proud to be a Gooner!

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