1. Right, because Viera’s leg can extend 3 feet. Are you really that delusional?

  2. LOOOL albania? they have fucking internet there now? Go fuck off back to your shitty little ‘country’

  3. if Van Nistelrooy didnt move back his knee Viera would have kicked him in the knee so VIERA SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT OFF!

  4. fuck u and all fans of arsenpunk , and all player who was a fucking losser
    u can kick us in ass

  5. Has he had a look at his own side. Hypocrisy at it’s best. Ruud didn’t “dive”, he was simply jumping out of the way of Viera’s attempted kick.

  6. lol what a joke…!, i will telk with you next season when arsenal start getting trophie, n man utd now, GLORY FUCKER!!

  7. I think Van Nistelrooy doesn’t help. His attitude is always looking for provocation and diving. He looks a nice boy but I think on the pitch is not always fair behavior – well said Arsene!

  8. So you have a gold trophy, but you had least success in Europe with only one final comparing to United’s 5, not to mention you haven’t won the Champions League.

  9. @superparamedic7 yes u stopped our unbeaten run and yes you’ve won 19 titles. But out of the 19, are any 1 of those titles gold ? Ours were in 2003/2004 🙂

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