1. @316kadafi When you’re playing competitive you pick the best team to win. Barca and Madrid are right up there. Makes sense don’t it?

  2. its funny to see none of this players in the tournament play with their clubs they play for haaaaaaaaaaaaa barca real madrid wat idiots pick ur club you FOOLS

  3. @rsprodject Dude nob is a word to do with isreal and i do no what u mean but u should say dick

  4. @no1ridah this is just cheap marketing. No any game maker can do this. I bet those players from arsenal got a loooot of money for this commercial.

  5. that was amazing work from injured jack wilshere but he is of course the best!!!!

  6. All the arsenal fans check out my video of the best FIFA songs from 1998-2012 please 🙂

  7. I’ve bought this game. Lots of good features but I still can’t rate it above Pro-Evo.

  8. man i really love EA for doing all of this , they’re definetly my favorite!
    I mean come on, lets see activision , treyarch and infinityward do all of this.

  9. They should have a Fifa pro player tournament champions league. Wilshire vs Lukaku (chelsea winner) vs Clarke (villa winner) vs Tim Cahill etc… I’D WATCH THAT!

  10. @rsprodject looooooooooool you clearly dont know what i mean by whipped you dumb fuck, go sort your life out kid, get of the rs world.

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