1. Oh Arsenal, how I love you. I wish I could tell them, just so they all know, that when they are playing, I am on the other side of the world watching and cheering them on. And there are thousands of us. When they lose I am broken and when they score I erupt into madness, celebrating all by myself in my bedroom at three AM in the fucking morning.
    I love you Arsenal. Unconditionally.

  2. Im barca fan, and i know that barca is much better than Arsenal but whatever 😀 NICE VID

  3. By the way the game against Barcelana was the most BS i have ever seen in a football game. BArca needs to stop paying the officials and start playing football. Arsenal till i die

  4. Gosh this video made me cried. Arsenal has always played the most beautiful football. Thats why all the other teams buy our players because we produce the best. Just take a look at City now, they are trying to be Arsenal and now they want Robin van Persie. But we all know that City will never be like Arsenal and that is because we have Arsene. Everybody keep the faith in him.

  5. Arsenal had one of the best squads last year. In my opinion should have won premier league. Coming from man u fan.

    It’ll take some time but Yeahh ! Forget Fabregas & Nasri ! Pay attention to the prospects of Ramsey, Wilshere. Frimpong, Coquelin, Chamberlain etc ! New Arsenal new ERA ! Anyway thanks mann 🙂 cmeon ARSENAL !

  7. @GUNners4108 NO
    suddenly i have the faith again and the hope for the future arsenal, the prosperity and anxiety, the potential of young players and the improvement of the experienced
    forget the old arsenal I WANT THE NEW ARSENAL

  8. Im a Real Madrid fan, but talking about the Premier Leage and England in general I support Arsenal, greetings from Colombia! (sorry if a failed writing in English)

  9. Im not Arsenal fan but this vid had everything and it wast touching.. What a wonderfull club! I had goosebumps… Awsome vid man keep it up 🙂

  10. sorry to complain but u are doing gr8 vids so why cant u take the time to have the right grammar in the description

  11. Arsenal has gone bad for a while now but we know what wenger can do ! lets support arsenal <3 !!! <33

  12. Suddenly, i feel sad !
    Suddenly, I MISS THE OLD ARSENAL !
    Arsenal who Dominate possesion.
    Arsenal who scores for free.
    Arsenal who people will never Underestimate even BARCELONA!
    Arsenal with Fabregas and Nasri.
    ~ARSENAL~ Please come back <3

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