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  2. 3.46…. the commentator “when paytner plays regular he’ll score goals like this” mm no he wont

  3. encuentra la diferencia

  4. Wondering where that screamer of a first touch from Somma went? It deffo should be in the highlights, was much closer to scoring than Paynter.

  5. 0:59 is the best part of the video. Chamakh congratulation the keeper on a fine save, that’s how football should be.

  6. @dcmarkgraf i concur. sportscenter is in desperate need of a resident soccer analyst, alexi lalas perhaps?

  7. @LeedsUnitedSupporter What a surprise from a User called “LeedsUnitedSupported” ¬_¬

  8. Hah, if you watch 4:02 – 4:06 look at song faking his injury in the centre circle, he goes to the floor acting injured, see’s bendtner on the wing and gets straight back up

  9. Good game Leeds, you have some of the best fans I have ever seen.

    Hope you get in the premier league. 🙂

  10. Why are premiership teams full of foreigners?
    And then wonder why are national squad isn’t top notch??

  11. Good game Leeds, you have some of the best fans I have ever seen. 🙂
    -Arsenal fan.

  12. @LeedsUnitedSupporter yh definately what you want to see that was an amazing strike

  13. thought Sagna’s goal was a pearler, and then Johnson’s went in
    oh, and Kasper ‘Gordon Banks’ Schmeichel for that Chamckh save

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