1. Wow. The referee talking with Liverpool players. Shouldn’t be allowed. Oh well it didn’t help them did it. HAHA i wouldn’t 1-2 be a liverpool fan! ARSENAL!!!!!!!

  2. @NajYash He was a great player for liverpool and a nice guy
    Total Appearances 172
    Total Goals  37

  3. Watch Gerrard’s brilliant hat-trick against local rivals Everton!


  4. does anyone know the song at 10:10? i’ve heard it a billion times but what is it called? thanks

  5. who is the guy everyone seems they want to talk to in the beginning of the vid? like everyone greets him. Can anyone clear this up?

  6. You can see in Suarez’s eyes that he hates to lose…com on, you Red Men and win the remaining games!!!!

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