1. @HugeUnicornPoop @haleman1013 Wenger has done amazing things at Arsenal, no-one will ever forget the invincibles season in 2004, but I think the past seven seasons in which Aresenal have won no trophies have shown that he needs to change his approach. But if Arsenal do get rid of him who do you think they should appoint as manager?

  2. @2tallman17 The papers are saying Wenger will get a £55 million budget this summer, let’s hope he uses it wisely.

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  4. @2tallman17 I think all those players would really improve Arsenal, but unless they finish in the top 4 this season there’s not much chance of attracting players like that. All Wenger’s efforts now should go on getting Van Persie to sign a new contract, no matter what it takes really.

  5. Give Wenger money to buy quality players.Buy Kaka,bring back Kolo Toure-he’s not playing in City why not,buy Eriksen from Ajax,buy Aly Cisokho from Lyon,bring Podolski,sell Bendtner,Vela,Arshavin,Denislon,Walcott and bring few more good players.In Arsene we trust.Arsene is not guilty,his bosses are


    sorry for the caps lock, I just want everybody to understand that. WE NEED WENGER AND NEW BOARD MEMBERS !!

  7. @myredgalaxy2012 @haleman1013 Wenger has done great things at Arsenal and taken them from being an average club to a great club, but I also think football has changed a lot since he became manager and if he can’t adjust his transfer policies Arsenal will remain outside the top 4 for some time.

  8. @TheFootballDaily I dont think he should stay in Arsenal, since hes been in that club forever and havent won anything, just some FA cups but not a title that matters, Arsenal needs another coach

  9. im sorry to say this but Arsene has to go. this season the team is absolutely rubbish. wats with him and the board? i just don’t know. this is disrespectful to fans who are supporting their team all around the world, and those that pay good money to watch them play. its also shameful that mediocre players are given a stay while good ones are sold so easily. i hope to see a major overhaul of all the rubbish in the summer and spending on good players. otherwise Wenger can leave.

  10. I know that noone is ever bigger than the club, but in Wenger’s case he just might be. Lately his tactics have been bad, his faith in player misguided, but I still want him to stay just to see him win a cup.

    I fear this season is going to end up being Wenger vs RVP. I don’t think they will both be at Arsenal next year…On one hand we have a legendary manager who won’t replace RVP adequately (probably play Chamakh upfront) or the best striker in the world if you don’t include Messi.

  11. @nicky120791 I agree, I don’t undertand why he let Cahill go to Chelsea for just £7 million.

  12. @horridcosine108 I think those two sales really damaged Arsenal and Wenger hasn’t been able to replace them with players of the same quality. But to be fair, he didn’t have much choice to sell Fabregas and Nasri as they both clearly wanted to leave the club.

  13. no offense to him but he was stuipid to sell samir nasri and cesc fabregas im mean really the captin and a player who frequently makes goals come on now thats prob the reanson why they lost to ac milan and manchester utd

  14. he needs to be smart and buy some good players like arjen robben or sneider or what the heck mabye fernando torres will do better on arsenal just some players who are proven to make goals

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