1. How do you do it? You’ve inherited a pretty average Liverpool team (game wise) you haven’t signed anyone and you don’t use some super special tactic, just the basics, yet you always seem to win and beat the big boys the majority of the time, the same with the old seasons as well

  2. @chattingchimp Don’t think so, once the trial is up, it prompts you to buy. You can torrent it though I think.

  3. @MediaMachinima So are you using the free 30 day trial?? can you renew the trial?

  4. @MrManunav If it has a built in mic, it should work and be able to record fine, just test it out using Sound Recorder or something. Although they tend to be rubbish. Mine is basically broken, it makes a horrific buzzing noise.

  5. @MediaMachinima if your PC has a microphone, can you record your voice with it, or do you still have to buy another one?

  6. Andy Carroll, the biggest waste of money since the Titanic.

    @TheRandomPinapple I’ve noticed that too. Shame his best period so far was during a period when there was no pressure on Liverpool to win anything; much like this season.

  7. @Genetic245 Camtasia. You can download a free 30 day trial. if you google it.

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