1. Such A Good Vid , Brang Back Soo Many Good Memories. And Cant Wait Till Arsenal Will Win More Trophies And Bring Those Memories Back. Arsenal FC <3

  2. its simply the greatest club on this earth you must bleed red and white ONCE A GOONER ALWAYS A GOONER nice goals lets finish on 3th Place and succkkk the yid armee behind us COME ON ARSENAL

  3. Latest addition: Captain Vantastic’s trademark volley at the final minute winner against Liverpool at Anfield. March 3rd, 2012.

  4. Henry’s goal vs tottenham was clearly the best. Especially with the music and the celebration. Quality

  5. can u put the goal of thierry henry at the end and keep everything the same? i love this vid sooo much 🙂 thx

  6. @maximushart It would take a 30-minute video to capture all of Arsenal’s greats. 😉

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