1. @VzNHoweLL U fuckin rimjob. arsenal beat spurs 5-2, if you need your ears cleaned out or your eyes re-adjusted, get them fixed and read the mother fucking score
    you stupid TOTTENHAM FAN……that being the worst insult i could possibly think of.

    P.S. you are a giant raciest fuck (by the way im not a “paky”)

  2. @VzNHoweLL Your so funny by how stupid you are getting all defencive because you lost Tottenham what a joke

  3. @mAnclTy a mancity fan thats watched their club turn into an infestation of africans and you bought a whole new team. U beat us with a 94th minute penalty… 3-2… at your own ground… fukin miiiiiiilions spent and u can only do that ? common son

  4. @plfeakins ur 7 points behind why wuld u be proud ? and ur acting like its ur first football match u inbred paky

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