1. @adzanwar thanks mate add me on facebook its courtney asiedu my display picture is a moped/ bike what ever you want to call it. we can talk about fm

  2. @courtneyforfulham123 carry on playing with Brazil until the 2016 south america cup if u can try to win it with Brazil so your rep go’s up you should be getting offers from club and national team if u want pick the team that suites your type of play and it should give u a good challenge

  3. Hey i was manager of Barcelona for 2 seasons i won the spanish cup twice and the ligga bva twice, i left to find a new challenege. it is now 2015 i am brazil manager but im finding it hard to get back into a top flight team. do you have any advice and do you have any advice for the formation i should play with brazil thanks

  4. @adzanwar I hav no idea but my first ‘short’ commentary will be up tomorrow.. Hope its not bad

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