1. @kooll70 not to sure what that is about, check you settings, something might be turned off, never know 🙂

  2. @kooll70 its because football manager game are not fully licensed with premier league

  3. @tanskyline Ohh i did not know, maybe i forgot, but i will and hopefully you will have it really soon, BTW congratulation on 101 subs

  4. Lol Yh, it’s 6 Minutes in total but i had to seperate it in 3 parts in my vault because i sped it up.. It went from 11 mins to 6 mins.. If u can record it, that would be great coz thats what i wanna do my first commentary on (i just hit 100 subs). Thanks

  5. Arsenal’s game was 2 sik 2day! Anyway.. Had any chance 2 record the 3 parts of my 66-4?

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