1. An inform Falcao is much better than an inform Costa. But at the moment
    Costa is playing better. 

  2. I bet Wengers going to troll us and not play sanchez or ox and then play
    ozil out wide.

  3. Hull vs. Palace 2-2, Leicester vs Burnley 2-0, Liverpool vs. West Brom 3-1,
    Sunderland vs. Stoke 0-1, Swansea vs. Newcastle 3-1, Aston Villa vs Man
    City 1-1, Man United vs. Everton 0-2, Chelsea vs Arsenal 1-1, Spurs vs.
    Southampton 1-2, West Ham vs. QPR 4-1

  4. If arsenal come to attack i can see this finishing 8-0.. the deluded wenger
    Will want revenge for the 6-0 trashing and go all out and get hammered even
    worst than last time

  5. Arsenal will do well to only get beaten 1 or 2 nil imo. I just want the
    game to be close. I can handle losing to a great team like Chelsea, as long
    as it is a tight affair. The manner of defeat is the most important aspect.
    Getting thrashed is unacceptable for any Prem team, yet alone one
    challenging for the title.

  6. The only 2 undefeated teams going up against each other. COYG, let’s give
    them their first loss. 

  7. Agree with what you said about Chelsea vs Arsenal, but I think we’ll sit
    back not as much as we did vs City but let Arsenal have the ball and hit
    them on the break cos I still think that’s Arsenal’s biggest weakness. If
    Wenger starts Sanchez vs Ivanovic that could be a problem but if he’s
    against Azpi he’ll keep him quiet. Also if fabregas plays DM that could be
    a massive problem. 

  8. Costa is going to tear Mert and Kosc a new one. I’m scared. It’ll be more
    pissy-passy horseshit from Arsenal and Chelsea will be 10x more efficient
    than Arsenal, on and off the ball.
    Predicting a 2-0 or 3-0 for Chelsea

  9. Lots of fans either forget or didn’t watch last year’s game where Chelsea
    killed us 6-0. We were down to 10 men just after 17mins due to a red card
    wrongfully given to Gibbs instead of Ox who handled the ball. If Chelsea
    fans think they’re going to have an easy game just because their team has
    added Fabregas and Costa, they’ve got no bloody idea! 11 v 11 will be a
    different story. VERY VERY DIFFERENT! 

  10. chelsea to beat arsenal. but it will be very difficult. no where near
    another 6-0. ox and sanchez will cause serious problems, but I’m confident
    ivanovic and azpi can stop them. Going for a 2-0 chelsea win

  11. Arsenal fan. Great content, you speak the truth unlike those dickheads on
    skysports. Keep,it up mate

  12. Hull v palace 2-1
    Leicester v burnley 4-0
    Liverpool v west brom 2-1
    Sunderland v stoke 0-3
    Swansea v Newcastle 4-0
    Aston villa v man city 1-0
    Man U v Everton 1-3
    Chelsea v arsenal 3-2
    West ham v QPR 3-0
    Spurs v Southampton 0-3

  13. For me, it’s gonna be a high scoring draw at Chelsea. 2-2 or 3-3. Both
    teams can score, and it will be an entertaining game

  14. Like my comment if you think Costa could possibly be the Best Striker in
    the World also like it if you want Mike Ashley to leave the club

  15. I think Everton can win at Old Trafford, but it’s all about the proper
    formation. I agree that Lukaku should play in the middle, and I wouldn’t
    mind seeing Besic as an attacking midfielder, which could move Naismith out
    to the wings to distribute and help with the pace of United’s wingers.
    Stones has been a revelation in the back four, but I still think that’s an
    area that needs to be severly addressed in January. Gareth Barry and Leon
    Osman will need to really help the defense, particularly in dealing with
    Mata. Oviedo will be back for this match as well, so maybe he can recreate
    a little of that magic he did a season ago. Come on you Blues!

  16. My predictions:
    Liverpool 2-1 West Brom
    Hull 0-1 Crystal Palace
    Sunderland 1-1 Stoke
    Leicester 2-0 Burnley
    Aston Villa 1-5 Man City
    Swansea 2-0 Newcastle
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal
    Man United 1-1 Everton
    West Ham 2-2 QPR
    Tottenham 1-1 Southampton

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