1. I know it’s hard to get your head around the fact that United are the most successful club in England, but give it a fucken rest already! you’re clearly still cut from the fact that you haven’t won shit in almost 9 years.
    And that whole ” u gay united fans” just shows how desperate you REALLY are to make youself feel better.

  2. at a gay wedding between two men,the priest was confused as to how pronounce them as husband and wife,after a long silence he said i pronounce you as “MAN UNITED” that’s why u r gay

  3. First, not sure why you call United fans gay, there is nothing wrong in being gay. Second, calling United-fans glory hunters is ridiculous, it’s not our fault our team win all the time.

  4. at that seasn arsenal finished above u gay utd fans…so just shut up ..utd fans are just deluded glory hunters

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