1. Favours the league match because youve lost the game. Have u EVER been to a game SUNDERLAND TILL I DIE

  2. Won one and lost one. Pitch was good enough the first time around.

    To be honest the pitch is bad. Its getting re-laid at the end of the season.

  3. worst pitch in football, surely the ac milan’s was worse, the sides were brown!! You need a whole defensive rethink, you have £57 million left over from selling fabregas and nasri and wenger must use it to form a solid defence. Djoruo doesn’t cut and squillaci is beyond hopeless, song played ok and vermalen is good but out of form. you’ll be fine when wilshere is back

  4. Wait hold on, Tottenham Hotspur is a stupid name but ARSEnal is not? You sir, are a fool.

  5. wat a silly name tottenham hotspur ??? least we not named after someones bottom arse-nal ewww gays lololol yidos yidos yidos yidos

  6. hahahaha u arsescums no where in spurs league now we out ur shadows for good we gonna kick ur arse on sunday 0-2

  7. Well, you certainly picked an “interesting” season to start your videos. Never mind, this season will separate the glory/glamour hunters from the real fans.

    Oh, btw, instinctive childhood hatred of Tottenham is a rather wonderful reason to become a gooner.

  8. ya but ya see theres just one problem with your video………….. ARSENAL ARE CRAP…..UNITED ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD

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