1. I’m Arsenal till I die
    I know I am
    I’m sure I am
    I’m Arsenal till I die


  2. so passionate, just gives me goosebumps evertime i watch it KEEP THE FAITH!

  3. Really awesome. Loved it. If i only could erase the last bit with RVP. It would be the best video ever made.

  4. We have a great team now. And with Podolski and Giroud coming in + Wilshere and an in form Rambo and R.V.P. I’m sure we will challenge for the title next season 🙂 GOONERS ALL THE WAY!!!

  5. This vid needs a lot more views!!! It’s too amazing to be under 100,000 views!!!

    Go and see @oysterman555 channel and watch the fix you video!

  7. No disrespect to the incredibly skilled Vlad (check out his channel; look up “The Vlad Video Channel”) but this is easily the most powerful Arsenal video I’ve seen on YouTube.

  8. I, myself, am a Chelsea fan, but I have the utmost respect for Arsenal – Wenger, the players and the fans altogether. This video is brilliant and shows that even in the tough days there’s still love for the club. That’s real loyalty. Keep the faith Gooners, your time will come once again!

  9. Real tearjerker..Thanx buddy for making such a great video.. ARSENAL Till I Die..and Forever..Good days will come..

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