1. wtf is nasri doing in the video? i rather see henry a 100 times than 1 time of´╗┐ him

  2. Arsenal & Ajax Amsterdam are the´╗┐ best football academies for any football player.

  3. should be produced on the premier league mate amazing´╗┐ video of the arsenal gunners

  4. Ahh, the sponsors are fucking the club up,
    I cant wait for 2014 arsenal will be BEAST.
    Nike´╗┐ gives arsenal 8 million pounds a week and other clubs gets like 20+ for that kind of sponsorship. and F***the emirates the only good think is that they built the new stadium and gives only 5 million pounds a WEEK WTF?

  5. Na$ri was such an´╗┐ idiot to leave this beautiful club &
    Fabregas followed his heart
    Visca Barca ­čÖé

  6. Amazing,
    Arsenal vids are always amazing and high quality.´╗┐ And this one is perfect

  7. I don’t know´╗┐ how many words like wonderful and amazing do exist but I could use them all to describe this video ­čśë

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