1. wtf is nasri doing in the video? i rather see henry a 100 times than 1 time of him

  2. Arsenal & Ajax Amsterdam are the best football academies for any football player.

  3. should be produced on the premier league mate amazing video of the arsenal gunners

  4. Ahh, the sponsors are fucking the club up,
    I cant wait for 2014 arsenal will be BEAST.
    Nike gives arsenal 8 million pounds a week and other clubs gets like 20+ for that kind of sponsorship. and F***the emirates the only good think is that they built the new stadium and gives only 5 million pounds a WEEK WTF?

  5. Na$ri was such an idiot to leave this beautiful club &
    Fabregas followed his heart
    Visca Barca 🙂

  6. Amazing,
    Arsenal vids are always amazing and high quality. And this one is perfect

  7. I don’t know how many words like wonderful and amazing do exist but I could use them all to describe this video 😉

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