1. @ArsenalMedium now that sagna is injured i dont think chamberlain will be getting many chances. Could you imagine jenkison and chamberlain on the right? that would be a defensive nightmare, not enough experience. But he is still a far more talented player

  2. @kevin084life Theo’s a striker playing as a winger, hence his sub par crossing. Don’t know why Wenger doesn’t play him in the middle – he’d be a great poacher.

  3. @13charachters Theo is a winger as well. But to be honest Ithink Wenger should be playing Walcott as a striker more than a winger because Theo cant cross that well, he’s like a Gareth Bale without the perfect cross.

  4. @football They’re different – Chamberlain is a winger and Theo’s a striker. They’re both fast and started at Southampton, that’s all.

  5. I thought Alex was better than Theo after watching clips of him but after watching the Olympiakos game, I’ve seen that Alex doesn’t offer everything Theo does. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has the better final ball & 50% of the time has an end product to his runs but Theo Walcott is 10x better off the ball, he knows how and when to cover for Sagna, he knows how to lose his marker & he makes better runs, but Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is ONLY 18 so I do believe given time he will become better than him.

  6. Chamberlain has showed a better final ball than Walcott thus far but I think Walcott needs to be playing up the middle rather than outwide.

    Chamberlain did lose possession a fair bit this game though so hopefully he improves on that aspect of his game.

  7. A player of great promise. Pat rice believes he will challenge Walcott for a place at Arsenal and England, who is the better player?

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