1. you can tell he hasnt got much of a clue because he judges players from
    their fifa score…

  2. to bad we won the FA CUP few months ago, fucked man city for the shield,
    then went and bought sanchez aye …

  3. I do like you, but sorry. Chelsea Are Shit, Arsenal are better, and your
    just playing bad to make Arsenal look like Faggots

  4. How can you take the mess out of arsenal for signing santos for 6 mil and
    you signed Torres for 50 mil

  5. look at Chelsea players have of their team are all assholes. they say they
    are you united , but what happened with John Terry and Ashley Cole? Joe
    probably has not even see Szczesny’s best saves.

  6. not being mean cuz i like your video but to not talk sh *t about scezeny
    hes the best in my opinion

  7. Sanchez is arsenal, United is de gea and last season Suarez was Liverpool
    (and maybe sturridge)

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