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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson recently announced his retirement after more than 26 years at the helm of Manchester United. This left many shocked because there were no signs of retirement only a few weeks ago. Rumours about the same started a couple of days ago only to be confirmed by Manchester United. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is not one of those shocked after the Frenchman has revealed at he knew about such a decision from the several signs he has seen this season.

Ferguson revealed that he held negotiations with Wenger for several months for the transfer of Robin van Persie. Wenger has revealed that Ferguson hinted on several occasions that this may be his last season at Old Trafford. Ferguson leaves the club as one of the greatest managers in the world, while also leaving a lasting legacy as well. Ferguson has won 38 trophies during his time at Manchester United including the latest Premier league trophy. He has been a major adversary to Wenger over the years and the Frenchman has stated that the game will definitely miss him.

Wenger has said that it will be difficult for Manchester United to find a replacement for Ferguson, but the club has been linked with a move for David Moyes.

“I was not surprised and I told my staff a long time ago that I think it will be Alex Ferguson’s last year. I detected a few signs through the season – there was already one of them before the season started, that it could be his final year. There is a double challenge now. The first is for Manchester United to replace a guy of that stature, and the second challenge for Alex Ferguson is to have a life as passionate and as interesting as the life he had until now,” said Wenger.