1. He is still not there but in 2-3 years he will be a starting 11 for sure next year maybe regular for COC and sometimes in FA and second half sub in the BPL kid has got talent i can give him that fast good on the ball future start for sure

  2. You ever hear Di Canio give post match interviews? That nice, sweet, charming Italian who seems like he could own your local pizza store used to be the head player of the fascist movement of Lazio which is one of the most organised and dangerous in the world.

  3. Mate his first language is German so dont be so hard on him. He will develop confidence over time.

  4. Junge! willst Du irgendwann mal einen Pokal in die Luft strecken?
    Dann spiele nicht für England!
    Elfmeterschießen gewinnt man nur mit Deutschland!
    Weiter so…und viel Glück!!!

  5. well said! He will be a lot better than walcott. at this age walcott was a runner. Gnabry is a footballer with everything

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