1. @DUDLEYBADBOY123 Never win nothing but make it into the Champions League every season.. Must be good to have not won anything since the 1969 Fairs Cup? Apart from the league last season but being the Championship, not hard to do.

  2. Aw I see, they got 2 penalties? Barton fancied being like Ronaldo and falling over in the box?

  3. @DUDLEYBADBOY123 Damn right you make history, you are the richest club ever to be relegated. You must be proud.

  4. @814DAN418 A win is a win is a win. The table only says how many points you got, not how you got them. Lol @ you thinking you’re a growing club, your owner’s bigger whores than ours, he’s going to suck you dry.

  5. @DUDLEYBADBOY123 You know you’re a small club when the only thing you have to celebrate is stopping other people’s title chances.

  6. @814DAN418 You spend just as much as us and have a very big stadium and fan base. You SHOULD be at a similar level to Arsenal. Its you failing, not us. We have spent less than Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea in the last 5 years yet look likely to finish above all of them in our worst season in 15 years. You are talking utter bollox mate. COYG.

  7. @St3v3z Yes, well done on the 2-1! You (A champions league quality team who’re expected to finish top four and at least win a domestic cup) scraped past Newcastle, who by all estimations are somewhat over-performing (tipped to be relegated at the start of the season) in the 94th minute. Arsenal may finish top four this season but they won’t win a cup in the forseeable future. We were promoted two seasons ago and we’re very much a growing club unlike Arsenal who at the moment seem on the decline.

  8. @DUDLEYBADBOY123 Not the best come back at all. You got a draw – at home, with 2 penalties. If that is a great result then that shows that you are a tiny club. 2-1 suckers :D:D

  9. arsnal fans can just fuck off from commenting your bringing up ….. we win trophies lol still doesnt stop newcastle from making history in premiere league best comback in it history !!!!

  10. @DUDLEYBADBOY123 sort your fucking spelling out then I might remotely understand you!

  11. @MattyGreer  arsanal still living in the past . a live for the fututre and the future is newcastle above arsnal 😉 and unbeaten 😉

  12. @meskell02 “And that is why football is not dull, the fact that this can happen proves that this sport is the best in the world for entertainment value.”

    Is it fuck the best sport in the world for entertainment value. Rugby League pisses all over football in the entertainment stakes. You can have a game like that in football twice, three times a season, yet in rugby league you could get it 3-4 times in one weekly round of games.

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