1. barca took the lead then got complacent and took their foot off the pedal and got punished,arsenal didnt enforce their football,they were outplayed for most of the game,not in barca league,sorry gunners.

  2. Thats what happens when u give a midget steroids we should give Walcott steroids too he’ll play like messi

  3. Arsenal literally had everything possible go wrong in this game and still deserved better. RVP’s shambolic second yellow. bendtner’s terrible miss at the end of the game after a glorious ball from Wilshere.

    And lest we forget the one name that makes every Arsenal fan run and hide…


  4. @RobbyBagg10 That last through ball from wilshere to bendthner, 90% more chance that RVP wouldve finished that off if it wasnt for the red card. Doesnt matter how many shots, 1 chance changes games

  5. I know we were totally out played but you can’t help think that the red card changed the game. Also Bendters miss at the end..

  6. 1:25 Look at the flag behind Valdes falling down when Busquets scores against his own team. The flag is like “Yay we’re winn— Oh, shit”

  7. How much money did Bussacca get???? Those diving scum beat us with 10 men, Fuck Uefalona.

  8. @BalochParast whats the connection? chelsea took a shit all over barcelona

  9. @RealRapAndHiphp

    LOL Chelsea has never won the Champions League. They were runners-up in the 2007 😀 Dont put blame on Barcelona …

  10. @seifudr11 wtf … lol nice. You now have an excuse if Barca plays and thrashes any of those teams. ;D Congrats! HAHAHA

  11. they fucking cheaters but i love messi but hate the fucking sumbags barca theey cheated against chelsea and against real by paying the ref and shit fuck u barca and barca fans CHELSEA ALL DAY and ARSENAL ALL YEAR

  12. @BalochParast cheaters you had yo cheat against chelsea to win against them chelsea toke a shit all over barcelona in the CL LOL

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