1. “Beautiful Play” What, almost losing to bottom of the table contenders? Right!

  2. @SuperGameTrailerzz go to career mode, from the screen where you pick your team you can press y or triangle to switch a team with another from any league

  3. @MrAutoFlower when u select your team to do career mode press triangle 2 swap teams

  4. @Kitsheen fuck off you fucking emo dickheaded twat you cant even play fifa fucking nob so smd

  5. I did the Super League to, i am AC Milan this is my starting line up.

    GK: Mihaylov
    RB: Abate
    CB: Thiago Silva
    CB: Ogbonna
    LB: Taiwo
    RCM: Aquilani
    CM: Boateng
    LCM: Bale (loan, with future fee of 75 mil)
    CAM: Ganso
    RS: Ibrahimovic
    LS: Pato/Sow

  6. @MegaLoltroll plus it took me like 1hour to sort out barclays npower npower1 npower 2 npower 2 is 3and a half to 4 stars npower1 is 4 stars npower is 4 to 4and a half stars barlclays is 5 star im marseille in npower but they fail so no im choosing rmadrid or chelsea

  7. @MegaLoltroll idk but i called it superleague ive done like 5 years i was going to rec it but then i saw this vid

  8. You should try to buy Jordan Rhodes som time, his shooting is 85+ a few years into the carrier, even though he is only 75 overall 🙂 But don’t bother buying him in FUT, he costs 15.000 coins…

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