1. Hey darren any news on podolski? i really want him to leave that team isnt good enough for him would prefer him going to dortmund but premier´╗┐ league would suit him to

  2. Is Arsenal´╗┐ going to buy anyone in this transfer window?? Wenger is leaving it to late again!!!

  3. is it ture arsene wenger´╗┐ asked the arsenal boad for 25 million punds for eden hazard

  4. Hi Darren love the´╗┐ show who do you think attacking wise Liverpool will bring in this window

  5. I would like to know a bit more about´╗┐ PSG I see they are interested in strikers but with all that money are they going for anyone else?

  6. Hope Arsenal are´╗┐ still in the race for Eden Hazard as he seems as if he wants a move to the the Premier League this January…

  7. QPR have an agreement with Henrique subject to obtaining work´╗┐ permit.

  8. Darren could you start a competition in which the winner gets the oppurtunity to talk´╗┐ to Mr.Arsene Wenger

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