1. this game nearly caused me to have heart attack but when arshavin scored this house jumped for joy and beer went everywhere arshavin 15 million emirates 450 million messi 80 million for everything else theres mastercard

  2. That video gave me goosebumps, it shows how much passion Arsenal fans have. Great video!!

  3. Este partido lo ganó con el corazón, con pantalones y con fútbol..y ante el mejor equipo del mundo!!


  4. No matter how much critiscm arsenal get for the 8 2 defeat that arshavins goal was one of the greatest moments of english football against barcelona ever

  5. I dont think this was a very good video. This song does not go with the emotions shown that night at the emirates. It goes more in with a comeback like liverpool vs ac milan where all hope was lost. You also showed too much joy in the beginning and the transition between the first goal and the corresponding ones were terrible. I really like the effort, but i just dont feel its right.

  6. @pioneer1412 Yes, but also some of those things had made us stronger. Ask yourself this, if that last minuite mix up between koscielny and szczesney did not happen, do you think they would have been good as they are now. Thats the sole reason they are so amazing this season, they have shown there strength by rising from the graves of Wembly and Old Trafford in august.

  7. sensational video mate love it 😀 i got the goosebumps watching it fantastic 😀

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