1. Я.Д- 410011033698393, посоны помогите пожалуйста !!!очень надо !!!

  2. FUCK! I missed this and I never fucking knew! Anyone know when is the next

  3. Please start to use this channel! Look at man city for example, with tunnel
    cam, training videos etc. It is so great for the fans to watch the players
    we love “behind the scenes”

  4. ‘Hello Jack you look so cute today’. I literally LOLed at his reaction.
    That girl just said it out of nowhere and look how awkward he was. But he
    really did look cute haha.

  5. I’d jizzed in my pants if i could ask jack some questions 😀
    I’d be to excited to talk lol

  6. TIL 10/10 when questions are asked which players would you like to play
    alongside with, the answer is always Messi.

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