1. @vebuuu I agree, I really like Arsenal and hope they will find replacements where players have left,and have strong young players Chamberlain, Miyachi, ect. But I heard they wanted Demba Ba….PLEASE DON’T GO DEMBA BA ­čÖü ´╗┐

  2. @vebuuu Podolski will hopefully arrive in the summer (I hope Wenger can bring G├Âtze with him too). But I think that we already have our defensive leader, Verminator. I believe that he can be one of the worlds best defenders in a couple of years. Just give him´╗┐ time, I mean he’s already brilliant.

  3. Arsenal is fantastic club. It has great traditions and history. But Gunners should buy couple players like G├Âtze because have to replace players like Nasri and Fabregas. And at the moment Gunners dont’ have playmaker´╗┐ and that’s what they need. They need also someone to lead their defense. Still I don’t want that Arsenal is club who buy all their players like Real Madrid and Man City. I see that Arsenal’s future is brigth because there is promises like Oxlade-Chamberlain!

  4. Nice video mate, really like the song as it has a sense of´╗┐ real passion. Synced really well(:
    Arsenal till I die!

  5. I Will LOVE THIS TEAM ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that someday get on´╗┐ the Emirates Stadium!!!!
    With love from Ukraine!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Could you please tell me where did you get your´╗┐ clips and how you downloaded them?

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